14th National Conference on e-Health, 14 February 2019, February 14, 2019, Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sredetz Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria

The event

14th National Conference on e-Health

February 14, 2019, Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sredetz Hall, Sofia, Bulgaria

In the context of global digitization in all socially significant sectors, important changes also occur in the health sector. This trend is also topical within the European Union, and one of the main topics of discussion is how to make equal the access to e-services among citizens of the Member States. Progress would be made with the availability of a National Health Information System (NHSIS), interoperability at both national and European level, in order to optimise the workflow in healthcare facilities and to improve the quality of the provided health service.

The general vision of National Healthcare Information System (NCBI), good European and national practices for digitalization of healthcare sector, implementation of solutions for automation of the working process in the hospital administration are some of the highlights of 14th National Conference on e-Healthcare 2019..

Whom to expect at the event?
« Representatives of public and private healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums, laboratories and medical centers – CEOs, GMs, IT managers and CIOs, Medical Managers, Administrative Managers
« Representatives of health-insurance companies and funds – General Managers, Managing Directors, Administrative, Operative, Financial and IT Managers
« Representatives of state structures – political decision-makers, heads of  ministry directorates, heads and CEOs of health-insurance funds, social security institutes, MPs
« Representatives of clinical laboratories

How the event was held in 2018


  • Assoc. Prof. Ivan Kostov, MD

    Assoc. Prof. Ivan Kostov, MD Chairman, 'e-Health Bulgaria' Foundation, Executive Director, University Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital "Maichin Dom"


Preliminary topics:

Discussion 1: State policy in e-Healthcare on national level and its compatibility with
European standards

● National Healthcare Information System (NCBI). Main components: e-health record, e-prescription and specialist e-appointment
● Necessity of ‘communication‘ between the systems of National Health Insurance
● Fund (NHIF), the Ministry of Health and hospital administrations
● Good European Practices for digitalization of the healthcare sector
● European Policy on delivering equal access to e-services to the EU citizens
● Developing a single genomic data base within the European Union. Access in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation
● Emergency medical services based on the Romanian model. Possible implementation in Bulgaria
● Electronic health registers - identification of disease risk and preventive measures

SESSION 2: Optimization of processes in the healthcare sector

● Implementation of solutions for automation of processes in hospitals. Optimization of document turnover
● The use of artificial intelligence in all aspects of healthcare - from medicines, through
diagnostics to health services and management. Chat bot technology as part of process automation
● Required skills of employees in the eHealth sector. Planned trainings
Secure processing and storage of sensitive health data. Good practices
● Resilience against cyberattacks and prevention measures while developing software solutions

SESSION 3: Technological innovations in the conditions of modernized healthcare

● Technological advances in imaging diagnostics, 3D mapping technology
● Issues and advantages of 3D bioprinting and 3D prosthesis. Implementation and scope.
● Remote monitoring of risky patients via mobile technologies.
● Importance of telemedicine between different hospitals as a factor of good practices exchange.